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IPAC NS Contacts

IPAC Nova Scotia (IPAC NS)


IPAC Nova Scotia Executive 2017

Position Name Email
President Daphne Murray Daphne.Murray@nshealth.ca
President-elect Sheila Lee sheila.lee@nshealth.ca
Past President Kim Rafuse KRafuse@avdha.nshealth.ca
Secretary Suzanne Hennesey Suzanne.Hennesey@nshealth.ca
Treasurer Tanya MacNeil TanyaL.MacNeil@nshealth.ca
Marketing & Membership Kathy Ellis Kathy.Ellis@nshealth.ca
Education Chair Patsy Rawding Patsy.Rawding@nshealth.ca
Webmaster Dean Smith Dean.Smith@nshealth.ca

Representatives to IPAC Canada Subcommittees & Interest Groups

Committee Name Email
Pediatric Interest Group Kim Allain
Allana Ivany
Dialysis Interest Group Faith Stoll fstoll@swndha.nshealth.ca
Surveillance and Applied Epidemiology Patsy Rawding
Faith Stoll
Education Elizabeth Watson ewatson@ssdha.nshealth.ca
Standards & Guidelines Monica MacDonald
Kathy Ellis
Membership Daphne Murray Daphne.Murray@cdha.nshealth.ca
Programs & Projects Kim Rafuse KRafuse@avdha.nshealth.ca
Network of Networks Patsy Rawding rawdinpa@gov.nshealth.ca
Healthcare Facility Design & Construction Daphne Murray Daphne.Murray@cdha.nshealth.ca
Environmental Hygiene Lori-Beth Scopie Lori.Scopie@cha.nshealth.ca